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Photo Gallery: SpaceShipOne’s historic flight

Click on the thumbnail images below to view larger versions and captions of images taken of SpaceShipOne’s historic flight into space on June 21, 2004, in Mojave, California. Read related article.
Allen, Melvill, Rutan Melvill and Rutan SS1 and White Knight taxi
SS1 and White Knight taxi SS1/White Knight takeoff White Knight and Starship chase plane
SS1 contrail SS1 glide SS1 landing
Melvill exits SS1 Rutan embraces Melvill Melvill gives a thumbs up
Melvill answers questions Media covering SS1 flight SS1 after landing
Rutan inspects SS1 dent Melvill stands atop SS1 Rutan holds altitude chart
Smith and Rutan Melvill and his pins